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Summer Exhibition: Come Fly With Me (1-31 August)

AntikBar Exhibition_Come Fly With Me

Our holiday-themed exhibition this August will showcase a variety of flight-related travel, advertising and propaganda posters from around the world. These original vintage posters evoke strong feelings of nostalgia and truly capture the essence of travel in the earlier days of flying, many featuring airlines that no longer exist today.

Experience the thrill and elegance of travelling to exotic destinations by propeller plane in the 1920-30s and the excitement of boarding a new jet plane in the modern mid-century era. Step back in time and travel the world in style this summer through the stunning artwork that will be on display at AntikBar’s next exhibition.

Address: AntikBar Gallery, 404 King’s Road, London SW10 0LJ
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-7pm; Saturday 11am-6pm (by appointment on Sundays and Bank Holidays) / Please note that the gallery will be closed on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 August
Catalogue: £10 (available to purchase online) – NOTE: This catalogue has now sold out but you can view it online by clicking here (and browse our website for more recently added flight-related posters)


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Slideshow: Summer Fun in the Sun!

Sunshine, sea and sandy beaches around the world:

PT0584_1_m   PT0753_1_m


PT0710_1_m (1)   PT0664_1_m

PT0715_1_m (1)   PT0717_1_m

PT0395_1_m   PT0386_1_m

PT0612_1_m   PT0712_1_m

PT0552_1_m   PT0351_1_m

PT0772_1_m   PT0290_1_m

PT0608_1_m   PT0810_1_m

PT0817 _1_m   PT0750_1_m

PT0503_1_m   PT0785_1_m

PT0276_1_m   PT0595_1_m

PS0357_1_m   PT0849_1_m

PT0686_1_m   PT0596

PT0455_1_m   PT0680_1_m

The Manx Electric Railway - Isle of Man_1_m

PT0632_1_m   PT0590_1_m

PT0830_1_m   PT0310_1_m

PT0805_1_m   PT0829_1_m

PT0554_1_m   PT0836_1_m

PT0453_1_m   PT0531_1_m

PP0388_1_m   PS0471_1_m

PT0679_1_m   PT0636_1_m

PT0461_1_m   PT0795_1_m

PT0387_1_m   PT0694_1_m

PS0411_1_m    PT0700_1_m

PT0501_1_m   PT0502_1_m


PT0474_1_m   PT0466_1_m




PT0665_1_m   PT0592_1_m

PT0677_1_m     PT0504_1_m

PT0831_1_m   …and there’s more…! Visit our website at www.antikbar.co.uk to browse all our original vintage posters and, for more updates, follow us on:

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++ Stop Press ++

…for Visit Philippines Year 2015: PT0770_1_m

PT0463_1_m   PT0771_1_m


++ Update ++

In the News: “Oh, I do like to be beside a seaside poster worth £5,000: Nostalgia for romantic holiday era creates boom in demand for old posters…

Once fashionable hotspots such as Southport, Blackpool, Scarborough and Bognor Regis may have long lost their status as luxury destinations, but…this does not stop many reminiscing about this bygone age.

A yearning for a more romantic holiday era dominated by wholesome family values has created a wave of nostalgia for old posters of the British seaside. It has also pushed up values of collectable posters by 20 per cent over the past decade.

…collectable travel poster artists of the time are Tom Purvis, Ronald Lampitt, Frank Sherwin, Alan Durman, Edward McKnight Kauffer, Frank Newbould and Norman Wilkinson.

Splashing Out: 
– Until the late Victorian era, holidays were for the wealthy only. Workers were given Sunday off for church, but it was not until near the end of the 19th Century that people started to get Saturday afternoon off too – and the weekend was born. 
– Bathing in sea water was believed to be good for the health and this led to the growth of resorts such as Brighton, Margate, Eastbourne, Blackpool, Southport and Bournemouth. 
– Bognor was granted ‘Regis’ status after King George V convalesced there in the 1920s following lung surgery. 
– A rapidly expanding rail network boosted the appeal of seaside resorts – helped by rail company posters romanticising them. The early 20th Century was the golden age of rail before the mass ownership of cars and the advent of package trips…”

Click here to read the full article by Toby Walne for the Financial Mail on Sunday. Visit www.antikbar.co.uk to browse our whole collection of original vintage posters, including works by notable artists and a wide variety of travel advertising posters from around the UK and the rest of the world.


Travel Back in Time: Come Fly With Me

PA0495_1_m  The romantic notion and thrill of travelling by plane may be over for most of us but the allure is captured in many of the old advertising posters. This “then and now” look at air travel compares the messages and styles of some of our original vintage airline posters with some from the same companies today to show how print-based advertising has changed over the years.

American-6  “The legend is back” – to evoke a feeling of nostalgia, American Airlines recently launched an advertising campaign using well-known celebrities from the 1950s and today:


American-3  American-4

…compared with these posters advertising travel to Paris (1950s) and Australia (1970s) by American Airlines:

PT0294_1_m  PT0152_1_m

The messages are clear – this trend of combining a look to the past as well as future hope can been seen in United’s return to its “fly the friendly skies” slogan, Aeroflot’s upgrade to glamour through its ranking as “Europe’s most elegant cabin crew” in 2013 and LOT’s recent campaign as “the most modern airline in Europe”:


PS0010_1_m (1960s)



PA0434_1_m  (1950s)

…from this amusing cartoon style ad, “if only I flew by LOT” (1958), to this striking image and bold statement:

PA0243_1_m ???????????????????????????????

Meanwhile, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) and KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) have shifted up a couple of technological notches from more traditional art and photography during the 1950s and 1960s to embrace today’s digital age:

SAStravel-point-and-fly-600-98836 (2012)

SASairline-company-wider-seats-small-94507 (2002)

PT0238_1_m  PT0533_1_m

PA0669_1_m  PT0535_1_m

KLMair-france-klm-advert-large  (2011)

KLMad100full  (2002)

PT0363_1_m  PT0364_1_m

“The Gay Gateway” – active both on social media and as a supporter of the LGBT community, KLM created an online game in 2014 that offered players a chance to win two economy comfort flights. In 2010 their play-to-win campaign offered flights to “the world’s proudest festivals” as part of its sponsorship of Sweden’s Stockholm Gay Life Award. Turn back the clock half a century to perhaps a different meaning and we have an SAS stewardess serving customers Copenhagen, Europe’s Gay Gateway, on a dish:



Major events have also been used to entice people to show their support of their country by flying with their national carrier. The recent Summer Olympics in London (2012) and Winter Olympics in Sochi (2014) brought us some creative advertising posters from companies such as KLM and Austrian Airlines that contrast, for example, with this more traditional mid-century artistic depiction of Paris:

AustrianAnna Netrebko Austrian Airlines

PT0296_1_m  (1960s)

Sign of the times – you may be wondering by now why we’ve chosen only a small selection of airlines when we’ve got some great BOAC, Swissair, TWA etc. posters listed on our website. This is because we’ve remained focused on airlines that are still in existence today for a more direct comparison. However, we feel we can make an exception for Dobrolet, a Russian airline founded in 1923 that was consolidated with other Soviet aviation organisations to become Aeroflot in 1932. Earlier this year, the company was relaunched as Aeroflot’s low-cost carrier but a notice on their website currently states that their flights are currently suspended due to recent EU sanctions:




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News Bite: our recent Facebook slideshows

Here’s a quick look at a couple of slideshows featured on our Facebook page this week (for more images, slideshows and updates, “like” our page at www.facebook.com/antikbar.co.uk):

Happy 125th Birthday to the Eiffel Tower…!

The iconic Eiffel Tower was designed by Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier for the 1889 Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair). It was built on the Champ de Mars in Paris between 1887-1889 and opened on 31 March 1889 with a permit initially for 20 years (until 1909). This grand entrance arch for the Fair was named after Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. As a valuable asset for communication, the Eiffel Tower was not dismantled and it has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. At 324m tall, it was the tallest man-made structure at the time (until 1930); now it is the tenth tallest lattice tower the world (the Tokyo SkyTree currently holds the number one position at 634m tall). “Joyeux Anniversaire!”

PT0296_1_m   PA0481_1_m
PT0085_1_m   PT0419_1_m



“The unveiling of the Le Mans 24-Hours poster is always an eagerly-awaited event by the fans… This poster defines an area of rich expression aimed at a wide-ranging public by projecting them into a powerful and attractive imaginary environment: Pride of place goes to the new prototypes launched in 2014 which, propelled by luminous, electric colours, leap out of the poster; A cleaner and less figurative universe than in the past, which fits perfectly with the new slogan – A new era dawns!; The integration of spectators of all ages whose faces show the expressions of awe and the incredible emotions experienced…” Read the full news article at News via http://www.24h-lemans.com/en/news/the-2014-le-mans-24-hours-poste-unveiled-in-geneva-_2_2_1746_14271.html 

View the new 2014 poster below with a few of AntikBar’s original vintage Le Mans posters from 1961, 1963, 1972 and 1974, as well as a couple of other related posters featuring Dan Gurney (winner of Le Mans in 1967) and Steve McQueen (1971 movie poster). For more Le Mans and other racing posters, visit our website at www.antikbar.co.uk


PS0057_1_m   PS0056_1_m
PS0160_1_m   PC0196_1_m


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Event: Winter Decorative Fair, 21-26 January 2014


London’s most popular decorative event held three times a year (Winter, Spring and Autumn) at The Evolution Marquee in leafy Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ. AntikBar will be participating again by the hall entrance at Stand 138 and we look forward to seeing you. Contact us to join our mailing list for free entry e-tickets; a link will be available on this page nearer the time with further information (visit the News & Events page for articles and reviews on previous Decorative Fairs and our Facebook page for updates on some of the wonderful objects on show during the week).

The Fair is fun, fashionable and its worldwide reputation, established over 25 years, entices international trade and retail buyers, interior designers and private customers seeking unique and unusual furnishings and quirky accessories for decorating schemes.

Opening hours: 12noon-8pm on Tuesday 21st; 11am-8pm on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd; 11am-7pm on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th; 11am-6pm on Sunday 26th. Contact us if you would like to join our mailing list for free entry e-tickets. A free shuttle bus will run between Sloane Square and Battersea Park. Full information at: www.decorativefair.com

UPDATE (21-26 January): The 2014 Winter Decorative Fair is in full swing with some great objects on show: here are some of the more unique, funky and fabulous items we’ve spotted, along with stories on some of our posters and their new homes. We look forward to seeing you!

PW0061_1_m  This stunning original 1944 poster was bought by a couple who got married at St Paul’s and we’re delighted it found such a great new home! (“The Proud City – A new view of St Paul’s Cathedral from Bread Street” issued by London Underground during World War Two.)

boywithball  We loved this boy playing with a ball – such a fun piece, full of character and youthful innocence!

kangaroo  We all know a home isn’t complete without a life-size kangaroo…what a fantastic statement piece!

cardholder  This little critter’s not for sale; he’s just doing his job as an unusual but handy card holder on a neighbouring stand!

ejectorseat  Ideal for the office, especially for boring meetings and when a quick escape is required: an ejection seat!

coatstand  This coat stand caught our eye as being both practical and effortlessly stylish!

PT0209_1_m  This fantastic Hong Kong Fly TWA poster by David Klein was bought by a lady who noticed it on our recent blog post as it’s where she and her husband went on honeymoon; another poster that has clearly found a good new home full of love this week! (Link to blog post: https://antikbarposters.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/david-klein-and-twa-travel-art-of-the-jet-age/)

ships  Sail away, sail away, sail away…these ships caught our eye before opening yesterday: what a collection!

hatstand  This elegant hat and coat stand sold pretty quickly but it still drew a lot of attention at our neighbour’s stand!

PS0191_1_m  A perfect new home has been found for this young girl – she’s going back to the ski slopes to a family holiday chalet in Austria!

children  Ahhh, this pair caught our eye as being so sweet and just a little bit retro chic…!

skis  A pair of wooden skis for the Winter Olympics display that would also look great in a modern chalet!

record  We love these pieces of creative music artwork: this Mick Jagger one gets our satisfaction…!

light  Thunderbolt and lightning…this colourful and dynamic wall light really is quite spectacular!

PA0219_1_m  One of a series of five Art Deco advertising posters (precision, economy, comfort, ease of use, elegance), this beautiful and rare set caught the eye and heart of its new owner, who just couldn’t resist their classic 1934 style!

unknown  This is one of a pair of very heavy and well made metal objects leaning against the wall that make a good (and decorative) talking point but nobody knows what they are…if you know for sure what they are, please let us know – we’re intrigued!

mirror  This very elaborate and unusual George I mirror shows incredible workmanship and looked great as part of the Jane Austin themed foyer display!

hand  Ideal for anyone needing a big helping hand…!

PA0543_1_m  “Here comes the sun…” our George Harrison poster found a new home with a Beatles fan proving that Beatlemania is still going strong!

We may not be an art fair… but…

Further to my last post about how good the Decorative Fair is for art – fine art, 20th Century prints & originals, and so forth, I came across these two images side by side, which I think helps to illustrate the width and breadth pretty efficiently! As seen at the last fair. 

 From Alston & Ashton is an Italian watercolour of a Mother and Child, set in an original, deep gilded frame. 18th century. Priced at £850.

rare vintage advertising poster ref decorative antiques fair From Antikbar is a rare Spanish, original vintage advertising poster with constructivist graphics – Fira Comercial de Mataro 1933. Designed by Mach/Gravat i impres per Imperas Minerva Mataro. Very good condition, folded as issued, repaired tears. Size 61x45cm. Priced at £750.

To read the full article, visit http://www.decorativefair.com/antiquesinteriordesigndiary/ (“More on Art at the Decorative Fair” 4th November 2013). 

Save the Dates
: As a regular exhibitor, AntikBar will be participating at all the Decorative Fairs during 2014. Visit our News & Events page for more information on upcoming fairs and events. You can also follow us on:

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David Klein and TWA: Travel Art of the Jet Age

PT0209_1_m   PT0450_1_m

The 1950s and 1960s brought an exciting period of development to the commercial air travel industry offering a regular transatlantic jet service that soon overtook the same slow route by ship.

PT0564_1_m   PA0474_1_m

One of the two main flagship US airlines, TWA (Trans World Airlines), which was by then majority owned by wealthy American businessman, Howard Hughes, commissioned the illustrator and artist, David Klein, to produce a series of advertising posters.

PT0054_1_m   PT0086_1_m

David Klein (1918-2005) produced artwork and advertising posters for the US Army, Broadway theatres and Hollywood movies, earning himself a reputation as a formidable commercial artist. His move to creating travel posters in the 1950s and 1960s won him awards and worldwide recognition. These posters capture the allure of the period, further emphasised by films and dramas of the era – not least of all the acclaimed Mad Men series.

PT0085_1_m   PT0048_1_m

Klein’s iconic artwork for TWA defines travel art of the jet age and his posters have seen record-breaking results at auction: his New York Times Square poster in particular is regarded as “one of the greatest graphic depictions of Times Square” (Nicholas Lowry) and in 1957 a copy was added to the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). In 2009 a copy of this celebrated Times Square poster sold at auction for $6,000 and, more recently, a first print sold for £6,250 in 2012 (a first print of Klein’s San Francisco poster sold for $5,700 in 2011).

PT0046_1_m   PT0573_1_m

PT0663_1_m   PT0665_1_m

For more news & events and to browse our whole selection of original vintage travel and airline advertising posters, please visit our website at www.AntikBar.co.uk. You can also follow us on:

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AntikBar is a Member of the International Vintage Poster Dealers’ Association (IVPDA), the London Art Deco Society (LADS) and The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers (LAPADA).

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