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Summer Sale – Original Vintage Poster Auction (26 June)

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Our next auction will be held on Saturday 26 June, starting online at 2pm (UK time). This auction features a wide variety of original vintage posters from around the world including travel, advertising, sport, war, propaganda and movie posters.

View our catalogue and register to bid online in advance via: 

— Invaluable at www.invaluable.com/catalog/s7bnv51vg7  
— Live Auctioneers at www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/204896_original-vintage-posters-summer-sale/  
— The Saleroom at www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/antikbar/catalogue-id-antikb10023  

Please note: there will be no preview before this auction. Our popular Lot of the Day features are featured on our social media (links below) and on this page in the lead up to the auction. We offer in-house postage worldwide for items won in our auctions. Visit our Auction page for more information.

Lot Of The Day

Post-Auction News:

Collector’s old posters have never lost appeal: “It’s hard not to be drawn to vintage posters of St Andrews, especially the stunner painted by Gilbert Dunlop for British Rail in the 1950s. A good example appeared at a recent online sale organised by AntikBar Original Vintage Posters of London… Estimated at £375-750, sold for £800.” (The Courier, Angus & Dundee)

AntikBar – Original Vintage Posters,
404 King’s Road, London SW10 0LJ 


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AntikBar is a Member of the International Vintage Poster Dealers’ Association (IVPDA), UK Posters Network, London Art Deco Society, King’s Road Curve and The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers (LAPADA).

Spotlight on Original Vintage ROSPA Safety Posters

The British charity RoSPA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – was formed in 1916 as the London Safety First Council (renamed RoSPA in 1941). The organisation has run a variety of successful campaigns over the last century addressing issues from road safety and safety at home to industrial and workplace safety.

Below are a few posters from our current collection of over 60 original vintage mid-century RoSPA posters that feature clever eye-catching designs by notable artists such as Pat Keely and Leonard Cusden. These posters were issued to help prevent accidents from drink driving, to demonstrate the importance of obeying the rules of the road and the dangers of being careless when using tools and machinery, and to provide advice on first aid and tips on avoiding accidents (click on the images for more information):

PP0864_1_m  PP0377_1_m

PP0863_1_m  PP0862_1_m

PP0517_1_m  PP0378_1_m


PP0644_1_m  PP0824_1_m

PP0826_1_m  PP0578_1_m


PP0889_1_m  PP0768_1_m

PP0880_1_m  PP0892_1_m

PP0876_1_m  PP0860_1_m

PP0869_1_m  PP0890_1_m

PP0870_1_m  PP0868_1_m

PP0878_1_m  PP0894_1_m

PP0885_1_m  PP0857_1_m

PP0861_1_m  PP0872_1_m

PP0874_1_m  PP0865_1_m

PP0859_1_m  PP0879_1_m

PP0888_1_m  PP0873_1_m

PP0875_1_m  PP0866_1_m

PP0884_1_m  PP0893_1_m

PP0881_1_m  PP0891_1_m


Visit our website at AntikBar.co.uk to browse our whole collection of original vintage health and safety posters and all our other posters from around the world (including cinema, travel, advertising, sport, war, propaganda), available online with worldwide delivery and at our gallery:

AntikBar – Original Vintage Posters
404 King’s Road, London SW10 0LJ


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AntikBar is a Member of the International Vintage Poster Dealers’ Association (IVPDA), UK Posters Network, London Art Deco Society (LADS) and The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers (LAPADA).





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