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A True Gentleman: Remembering Theodore Ramos (1928-2018)

PA1700_1_mShortly after we moved into our gallery on the King’s Road, an elderly gentleman came in to marvel at the history and artistry of our original vintage posters. This charismatic gentleman was Theodore Ramos RA who lived nearby in the artists’ studios on Milman’s Street, and he soon became one of our regular visitors. He would often pop in and entertain us with stories about the people he painted, his fellow artists and his travels. We became friends, going out for dinner with him, exchanging books and visiting him at his studio.

A notable illustrator and portrait artist, Theo’s subjects include Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, and his paintings have been displayed in boardrooms, private homes and the National Portrait Gallery. During the 1950s-60s, he revolutionised the design of the Royal Academy’s exhibition posters to feature eye-catching artworks, rather than just text. Sadly Theo wasn’t able to fully recover from a stroke last year and he died here in Chelsea on 11 April. We have some of the posters Theo designed for the Royal Academy of Arts; one is framed and is on display at the front of our gallery, and they are all available to view on our website (click on the images for more information):

PA1385_1_m  PA1346_1_m

PA1356_1_m  PA1701_1_m

PA1386_1_m  PA1380_1_m

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