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Summer Sale – Original Vintage Poster Auction (26 June)

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Our next auction will be held on Saturday 26 June, starting online at 2pm (UK time). This auction features a wide variety of original vintage posters from around the world including travel, advertising, sport, war, propaganda and movie posters.

View our catalogue and register to bid online in advance via: 

— Invaluable at www.invaluable.com/catalog/s7bnv51vg7  
— Live Auctioneers at www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/204896_original-vintage-posters-summer-sale/  
— The Saleroom at www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/antikbar/catalogue-id-antikb10023  

Please note: there will be no preview before this auction. Our popular Lot of the Day features are featured on our social media (links below) and on this page in the lead up to the auction. We offer in-house postage worldwide for items won in our auctions. Visit our Auction page for more information.

Lot Of The Day

Post-Auction News:

Collector’s old posters have never lost appeal: “It’s hard not to be drawn to vintage posters of St Andrews, especially the stunner painted by Gilbert Dunlop for British Rail in the 1950s. A good example appeared at a recent online sale organised by AntikBar Original Vintage Posters of London… Estimated at £375-750, sold for £800.” (The Courier, Angus & Dundee)

AntikBar – Original Vintage Posters,
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In the Spotlight: Edward McKnight Kauffer

PT0386_1_m  American artist and illustrator, Edward McKnight Kauffer (1890-1954), was one of the most renowned poster designers of the 20th century. Born Edward Kauffer in Montana, he lived in an orphanage from 1893-1899 where he started to draw. On moving back home after his mother’s re-marriage, his mother and step-father supported his artistic talent and aspirations. He moved to San Francisco in 1910 where he worked for the art dealer and bookseller, Paul Elder, and continued his art studies in the evenings at the Mark Hopkins Institute, California School of Design. A professor at Utah University, Joseph McKnight, sponsored him in 1912 and gave him a loan to move to Paris. (Out of respect for his sponsor, Edward Kauffer adopted McKnight as his middle name.)

PT0627_1_m  In 1913 he moved to France via a short stint at the Art Institute of Chicago and a visit to Munich, where he was undoubtedly influenced by the European post-impressionist paintings and move towards modernism on display, as well as poster art and typography. He continued his studies at the Academie Moderne until the outbreak of World War One when he moved to London in 1914 with his wife, Grace Ehrlich (a pianist), and daughter, Ann.

PA0390_1_m  In London, he was introduced to Frank Pick, Publicity Manager for London Underground, leading to his commission to produce a staggering 140 posters for London Underground, later London Transport. His style of artwork developed from a more traditional painterly style to a more modern and dynamic graphic design style and his success as an advertising poster artist was outstanding. In 1921 he exhibited in New York but, not achieving the same response from commissions as he had in London, he returned to England.

PA0841_m_  In 1923, on one of his regular visits to Paris, he met Marion Dorn, an American interior designer. He left his wife and daughter for her and their relationship included professional collaboration on a few projects, such as the interior and advertising designs for Orient Lines’ flagship ocean liner. (Edward and Marion later married in 1950 but then separated in 1953.) Now a renowned graphic designer, he was also busy with other commercial clients, including BP and Shell Oil, and he was involved with illustrating books and book covers, textiles, theatre and interior design.

PP0152_1_m  At the start of World War Two, he reluctantly moved to New York. His commissions in America started with MOMA and he went on to produce propaganda posters during the war before working for his final client, American Airlines, in 1947. The success and recognition he achieved in London was soon repeated in New York and, in terms of his commercial work, he is now most well known for his London Underground, Shell and American Airlines poster artworks, as well as his book designs for Lund Humphries. Edward McKnight Kauffer was certainly a prolific and dedicated designer, working right up to his death at the age of 64 in 1954.

PT0294_1_m  PT0565_1_m

Here is a summary of a few of Edward McKnight Kauffer’s awards, associations and other achievements:

1914 – Joined the London Group
1919 – Formed the X Group with Wyndham & Lewis and joined the Arts League of Service (ALS)
1924 – Published his own book, The Art of the Poster
1930 – Appointed Art Director for the book publishers, Lund Humphries
1934 – Awarded Honorary Fellow for the Council of Art and Industry
1936 – Awarded Honorary Designer for Industry by Royal Society of Arts in London
1945 – Received a Certificate of Honour for his wartime propaganda posters
1947 – Awarded Distinctive Merit from the Art Directors Club of New York and became Honorary Advisor to the Department of Public Information of the United Nations

AI0010_4_m   AI0010_6_m

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David Klein and TWA: Travel Art of the Jet Age

PT0209_1_m   PT0450_1_m

The 1950s and 1960s brought an exciting period of development to the commercial air travel industry offering a regular transatlantic jet service that soon overtook the same slow route by ship.

PT0564_1_m   PA0474_1_m

One of the two main flagship US airlines, TWA (Trans World Airlines), which was by then majority owned by wealthy American businessman, Howard Hughes, commissioned the illustrator and artist, David Klein, to produce a series of advertising posters.

PT0054_1_m   PT0086_1_m

David Klein (1918-2005) produced artwork and advertising posters for the US Army, Broadway theatres and Hollywood movies, earning himself a reputation as a formidable commercial artist. His move to creating travel posters in the 1950s and 1960s won him awards and worldwide recognition. These posters capture the allure of the period, further emphasised by films and dramas of the era – not least of all the acclaimed Mad Men series.

PT0085_1_m   PT0048_1_m

Klein’s iconic artwork for TWA defines travel art of the jet age and his posters have seen record-breaking results at auction: his New York Times Square poster in particular is regarded as “one of the greatest graphic depictions of Times Square” (Nicholas Lowry) and in 1957 a copy was added to the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). In 2009 a copy of this celebrated Times Square poster sold at auction for $6,000 and, more recently, a first print sold for £6,250 in 2012 (a first print of Klein’s San Francisco poster sold for $5,700 in 2011).

PT0046_1_m   PT0573_1_m

PT0663_1_m   PT0665_1_m

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AntikBar is a Member of the International Vintage Poster Dealers’ Association (IVPDA), the London Art Deco Society (LADS) and The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers (LAPADA).

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