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Don’t miss AntikBar’s next Poster Auction on 11 May!

Set of 3 Posters Lenin USSR Propaganda Constructivism Original Vintage Posters Auction including USSR and Palestine Propaganda Poster Collection 

Our next auction on Saturday 11 May of over 500 original vintage posters features a collection of Soviet and Palestinian propaganda posters as well as a wide variety of original vintage travel, cinema, sport, advertising, war and propaganda posters from around the world.

The auction preview will be open at our gallery from Wednesday 8 May to 1pm on Saturday 11 May and the auction will start online at 3pm (UK time) on Saturday 11 May. View our catalogue and register to bid in advance via:

The Saleroom — www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/antikbar/catalogue-id-antikb10014
Invaluable — www.invaluable.com/catalog/67cmv11cug
Live Auctioneers — www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/139883_original-posters-ussr-and-palestine-propaganda

→ This extraordinary collection of Soviet and Palestine posters was acquired by our seller during his trips to the USSR and Lebanon in the 1960s and 1970s. 

In March 1969, the seller joined a UK delegation of the National Union of Students on a visit to the USSR. During his stay in Moscow, Leningrad and Tallinn, he acquired some of the posters. Later that year, he wrote to the Soviet authorities who sent several parcels of posters to him at university. 

The Palestinian posters were obtained in Summer 1971 when the seller travelled to the Middle East to apply for a postgraduate course at the American University in Beirut. On arrival he realised the university was not fully functioning due to the unstable and rapidly deteriorating political and military situation. He stayed in Beirut for two months then visited Syria, Jordan and Israel, returning home via Beirut. At the time, he considered becoming a journalist so arranged an interview with Bassam Abu Sharif, the spokesperson for the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). During this meeting he was given many of the posters that form this collection. The new symbol of the PFLP was adopted in May 1969 and these posters are among the earliest published by the Palestinian resistance.

Auction Preview now open at our gallery until 1pm on Saturday:
AntikBar Poster Auction Preview photos1 – video clips and more images available on our social media (links given below).

Lot of the Day (scroll down to follow us also on social media for more image features in the lead up to this auction)

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17 a Soviet USSR Construction Propaganda Poster AntikBar Auction 

In The News:

ATG Preview Issue 2390 AntikBar Poster Auction 11 May 2019 Our upcoming auction featured by the Antiques Trade Gazette on their Previews page (p.32)   

Visit our website Auction Page and follow us on social media for more auction images and updates:

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All our original vintage posters from around the world (propaganda, war, sport, travel, advertising and movie posters) are available online with worldwide delivery at www.AntikBar.co.uk and at our gallery at:

AntikBar – Original Vintage Posters
404 King’s Road, London SW10 0LJ

AntikBar is a Member of the International Vintage Poster Dealers’ Association (IVPDA), UK Posters Network, London Art Deco Society, King’s Road Curve and The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers (LAPADA).

“Get the Look” Inspiration: Japanese Posters


This “From Wreck to Riches” article on a beautifully bright, light and stylish family home in yesterday’s Evening Standard features a framed Japanese release movie poster in the sitting room that caught our eye. By sheer coincidence someone was asking us about our Japanese posters earlier this week so, for anyone else looking to create a more unique statement with a Japanese twist in their home or office, here’s our current stock of original vintage Japanese movie and travel advertising posters (click on the images for more information):

PC0286_1_m  PC0211_1_m

PC0352_1_m  PC0331_1_m

PC0348_1_m  PC0332_1_m

PT0443_1_m  PT0292_1_m

PT0456_1_m  PT0434_1_m

PT0458_1_m  PT0516_1_m

PT0247_1_m  PT0313_1_m

To browse our extensive collection of original vintage posters from around the world and for more information and updates, please visit our website at www.AntikBar.co.uk and follow us on:

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AntikBar
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/AntikBar
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AntikBar.co.uk

AntikBar is a Member of the International Vintage Poster Dealers’ Association (IVPDA), the London Art Deco Society (LADS) and The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers (LAPADA).

Posters In The News

…a few quick News Bites:

  50 Year Anniversary – 007

AntikBar’s original vintage Dr No poster is featured in the November 2012 issue of British GQ (James Bond Special), pp268-269: “Wonderwall…Hang It Up!” (This poster sold at the Autumn Decorative Fair but more James Bond posters are available; please contact us or browse the cinema pages.) 

  Collecting Art for Children’s Rooms

Homes & Interiors feature in the latest edition of Angels and Urchins on the inspirational choices available and benefits of collecting bright and vibrant artwork with the potential to increase in value to decorate your child’s room, such as original vintage posters: 

“In the quest to perfect our children’s rooms we often overlook the very thing which brings a room to life: namely a vibrant work of art. Instead, having deliberated over cots, tussled with flat-pack storage and pondered paint hues we leave the art until last, often making do with a worthless high-street print, or worse, a blank wall.

Happily you don’t need a trust fund to buy decent pictures: a handmade print by a rising artist, for instance can be yours for under £100. And the purchasing possibilities are endless. One friend buys images of horses for his pony-mad daughter; another focuses on vinatge superhero posters: whatever your child’s interest you will it in print or on canvas.

Starting a Collection

Start at the autumnal art fairs to peruse styles, compare prices and meet dealers. If investment is a priority (and frankly, who doesn’t want to own a piece that will increase in value), find something  you like and ask a few pertinent questions… 

Vintage Posters and Comic Art

Once regarded as mere mechanical reproductions, antique posters are eminently collectable not least because they are so rare. Specialist at Antikbar (antikbar.co.uk) explains: ‘Although posters were pasted up and displayed, few originals survive as they weren’t meant to be kept.’ 

Exceptional graphics, rarity and age determine a poster’s collectibility: a rare Dracula for instance, scooped £300,000 at auction. For the rest of us, the real draw is not only the price (from £45) but the array of subjects: from Second World War soldier to graceful Bolshoi ballet dancers, all ‘not just wonderful art but a piece of social history’…”

…and last (but no means least!):

   ‎Crown Jewel of the Poster World

“A poster for the classic science-fiction movie Metropolis which holds the record for being the most expensive ever sold is to go under the hammer once again … The poster, painted by the German artist Heinz Schulz-Neudamm to promote the release of Fritz Lang’s groundbreaking 1927 film about a dystopian future in the year 2000, is one of only four known surviving copies. It was bought by collector Kenneth Schacter for a still-record $690,000 (£443,210) in 2005 … experts believe it could become the first poster to sell for more than $1m on the open market … He is also known to own a King Kong poster from 1933, which experts believe may be nearly as valuable as the Metropolis poster, and a one-sheet teaser from the same year’s The Invisible Man.”

Browse the AntikBar website for more inspiration and follow @AntikBar on Twitter and Pinterest for our “Poster of the Day” tweets/pins. Visit also the News & Events page for more information and contact us for collections advice, search on demand requests and to book a viewing by appointment.
Next Event: AntikBar will be at the Spirit of Christmas Fair, Olympia, from 30th October to 4th November. Further information on this festive event is given on the News & Events page.

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