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AntikBar Auction featuring Iconic Propaganda Posters

AntikBar VintagePoster AuctionBanner November2019

Our next auction of close to 500 original vintage posters will feature a selection of iconic propaganda posters in addition to a wide variety of travel, sport, advertising, war and movie posters from around the world.

Highlights in this auction include the WWII recruitment poster designed by Abram Games for the ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) featuring the “Blonde Bombshell,” which was recalled following complaints that it was too glamorous; and a rare collection of Russian Revolution posters from the early 1900s.

This live online auction will start at 3pm (UK time) on Saturday 16 November. The auction preview will be open at our gallery from Wednesday 13 to 1pm on Saturday 16 November.

You can view our catalogue and register to bid in advance on:

• LiveAuctioneers at https://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/151040_original-vintage-posters-iconic-propaganda/
• The Saleroom at https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/antikbar/catalogue-id-antikb10016
• Invaluable at https://www.invaluable.com/catalog/2bh3qupg48

Lot of the Day:

1 Peace JoanBaez TheGratefulDead WinnieThePooh Piglet AntikBar VintagePoster Auction  2 FeteDuCinemaFestival AntikBar VintagePoster Auction 
3 LibertyBond USA AntikBar VintagePoster Auction  4 TheDoors AntikBar VintagePoster Auction
5 WomenOfBritainSayGo WWI AntikBar VintagePoster Auction  6 Aladdin PantomimeTheatre AntikBar VintagePoster Auction
7 WWII Fougasse CarelessTalk AntikBar VintagePoster Auction  8 JudyGarland Broadway AntikBar VintagePoster Auction
9 ROSPA WorkSafety AntikBar VintagePoster Auction  10 OSPAAALVietnam NixonsPeace AntikBar VintagePoster Auction 

11 ChampagneTaittinger GraceKellyDesign AntikBar VintagePoster Auction  12 ProletarianDictatorship SovietUnion USSR AntikBar VintagePoster Auction 
13 MunichOlympics AntikBar VintagePoster Auction  14 BOAC TheCaribbean AntikBar VintagePoster Auction 
15 Porsche AntikBar VintagePoster Auction 
16 SovietPropaganda LeninUSSR AntikBar VintagePoster Auction  17 MontereyJazzFestival AntikBar VintagePoster Auction
18 PabloPicasso GraphikExhibition AntikBar VintagePoster Auction  19 ArmyRecruitment Football AntikBar VintagePoster Auction 

Auction Preview:
– now open at our gallery until 1pm on Saturday 16 November

AntikBar VintagePosters AuctionPreview

In the News:

ATG Auction Previews p45 ATS AbramGames AntikBar Vintage Poster Auction 16November2019  – one of the posters from our upcoming auction featured by the Antiques Trade Gazette “This rare Second World War poster by British graphic designer Abram Games…was famously recalled…” (Issue 2415, Previews p45) 

16 Europe VoteYes Referendum1975 Brexit AntikBar VintagePoster Auction  – Political Picks: one of our original vintage political propaganda posters listed in our upcoming auction featured by the Antiques Trade Gazette “With Brexit firmly at the forefront of voters’ minds, collectors may want to bid for an original vintage election poster for the 1975 European Union membership referendum…” (ATG 7/11/19)

More information is available on our website at www.antikbar.co.uk/antikbar-auctions/ and at our gallery at:

AntikBar – Original Vintage Posters
404 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0LJ

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Art On Show: Vintage Exhibition Posters

pa0766_1_mColourful, dynamic and often featuring artwork by notable artists of the period, these exhibition posters from around the world were issued to promote the work of an artist, style or art form, venue or cultural event.

Their eye catching designs used to attract visitors to the exhibition at the time are now ideal for decorating at home and in the office and make excellent presents for historians, art lovers and collectors.

pa0321_1_m  pa1236_1_m

pa0712_1_m  pa0711_1_m

pa1322_1_m  pw0268_1_m

pw0284_1_m  pa1069_1_m

pa0851_1_m  pa1410_1_m

pa0488_1_m  pa1416_1_m

pa1320_1_m  pa0888_1_m

pa0597_1_m  pp0570_1_m

pt1396_1_m  pa0241_1_m

pa1228_1_m  pa1217_1_m

pa1153_1_m  pa1157_1_m

pa1152_1_m  pa1102_1_m

pa1107_1_m  pa1181_1_m

pa1155_1_m  pa1380_1_m

pa1356_1_m  pa1346_1_m

pa1386_1_m  pa1385_1_m

pa0912_1_m  pa0946_1_m

pa1001_1_m  pa0504_1_m

pa1304_1_m  pa1175_1_m

pa0748_1_m  pa0503_1_m

pa1390_1_m  pa1388_1_m

pa1326_1_m  pa1108_1_m

pa1234_1_m  pa1286_1_m

pa1083_1_m  pa1389_1_m

pa0602_1_m  pa1392_1_m

pa1298_1_m  pa1348_1_m


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Slideshow – Collecting Guide: 10 Poster Designers

Our recent slideshow featuring a few of our original vintage posters and publications by designers profiled by Sophie Churcher for Christie’s South Kensington (click here to read the full article and click on the image links below for more information): 

“The focus for collectors of posters is very often subject matter. The subject of a work is key to its ability to connect with the viewer and in turn increase its value. Having said that there are masters of poster design as there are of art and these artists play an important role in shaping the market for collectable pieces.

PT0130_1_m French graphic designer Jean Carlu is renowned for the distinctive, streamlined economy of form in his images, emphasising the new machine age of the early 20th century…

PA0759_1_m A.M. Cassandre produced an oeuvre of travel-related lithographic posters that are now counted among the most iconic and influential Art Deco designs in the history of the medium… Taking inspiration from contemporary avant-garde movements in art, namely Bauhaus, Cubism and Futurism, Cassandre…employed the use of unadorned linear and streamlined forms to reflect the speed and dynamism of his era.

PS0317_1_m  PT0389_1_m

PT0543_1_m  PA0823_1_m

PT0386_1_m  Edward McKnight Kauffer…became one of this country’s most highly influential poster artists throughout the first half of the 20th century. Starting his career in painting, he soon embraced graphic design in poster art as a burgeoning tool of communication in the modern age. He was particularly known for his work for London Underground as well as Shell Mex and B.P. Ltd…


PA0390_1_m  PP0152_1_m

PT0565_1_m  PA0964_1_m

PT0294_1_m  PT0627_1_m

CM0021_1_m  Gustav Klucis…was a master of photomontage; his posters were required to be highly persuasive, meaning the images he produced have a particularly powerful visual impact.

CM0004_1_m  BA0034_1_m

BA0221_1_m  BA0226_1_m

BA0218_1_m  BA0223_1_m

BA0220_1_m  BA0217_1_m


PW0119_1_m  Abram Games is perhaps Britain’s best known post-war graphic designer, and is known for his witty and conceptual posters. Games…was able to communicate and resonate with the public.


PC0362_1_m  Constructivist Russian cinema posters are highly collectable for their innovative and experimental graphics…The Stenberg Brothers were two of the most prolific Russian film poster designers…creating graphics that became a unique art form in themselves. Through innovative techniques such as photomontage and via experimentations with typography, colour, scale and repetition, they produced imaginative, surreal and powerful imagery…”

PC0466_1_m  PC0071_1_m

PC0213_1_m  PP0062_1_m

PC0039_1_m  CM0007_2_m

CB0007_1_m  CM0018_1_m

BA0166_1_m  CB0006_1_m


The other poster designers in the list are: Max Bill, Jan Tschichold, Paul Rand and Giovanni Pintori. You might also like:

PA0778_1_m  PA0774_1_m


Visit our website at www.antikbar.co.uk to browse all our original vintage posters. For more updates, follow us on:

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Visions of a New World: Rodchenko and Stepanova

To coincide with The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Art’s exhibition, At Home with Rodchenko and Stepanova (in Moscow until 8th March), and the V&A Museum’s Russian Avant Garde Theatre exhibition (in London until 15th March), here is a short introduction on these notable Russian artists with links to some of the books and magazines featuring their work that we currently have in stock:

Alexander Rodchenko (1891-1956) and Varvara Stepanova (1894-1958) met at the Kazan Art School in 1910 and later married. Rodchenko, who focused on photomontage in the 1920s, was one of the founders of Russian Constructivism. This was a form of modern art built on the foundations of Cubism and Futurism that aimed to encompass all aspects of everyday life from art and design to film and fashion, influencing later movements such as Bauhaus and Dadaism. Stepanova developed the ideals of this art form to concentrate on costume and set designs for theatre and working clothes for industry and sports.

Click on the images below for more information:

BA0196_1_m  Machinery and Life (1925) featuring Stepanova on the front cover with cover designs by Gan and Rodchenko, who regularly contributed photographic and typographic designs, including:

BA0192_1_m BA0201_3_m

BA0202_2_m  BA0203_1_m

BA0204_1_m  BA0205_2_m

BA0206_3_m  BA0207_3_m

BA0208_1_m  “We had visions of a new world, industry, technology and science. We simultaneously invented and changed the world around us. We authored new notions of beauty and redefined art itself.” [Rodchenko]

L’Art Decoratif URSS (1925) book cover design by Rodchenko

30 Days (1929) photo by Rodchenko / see also work by Rodchenko and Stepanova (and others, such as Klutsis, Ganf and El Lissitsky) in:


BA0191_1_m  and in USSR in Construction (1932):




Please visit our website at www.antikbar.co.uk to browse all our original vintage posters and graphic design, including our Avant Garde posters, Constructivist books and Constructivist magazines. For more updates, follow us on:

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