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When one just isn’t enough…

…go for a series! Sometimes a few framed original vintage posters work better than one large statement piece poster, for example, if the wall space isn’t high enough or you’re looking to brighten up an otherwise dark corridor with splashes of colour.

Let’s start with a few posters from this wonderfully retro series from the 1960s featuring some quirky slogans and fun images:

PA0081_1_m  PA0080_1_m

PA0100_1_m  PA0078_1_m

PA0082_1_m  PA0090_1_m

PA0088_1_m  PA0098_1_m

Come rain or snow, this original vintage 1958 London Transport series will certainly create an amusing focal point:

PA0663_1_m  PA0664_1_m

PA0662_1_m  PA0661_1_m

…and from Venice to Paris, this original 1981 Orient Express series will appeal to Art Deco lovers and travel romantics:

PT0414_1_m  PT0415_1_m

PT0417_1_m  PT0418_1_m

PT0419_1_m  PT0416_1_m

Propaganda posters were also often published as a series, such as these original vintage 1952 safety posters produced by the US Government for their pilots during the Cold War era:





…and we have a few small and mid sized posters from this World War Two series, printed by the US Government in 1942 to help their troops recognise their allies:




For some carefree pin-up style fun, this vintage 1950s advertising series by Dickens for Goodyear soles aims to draw your attention to these ladies’ pretty feet:

PA0183_1_m  PA0501_1_m



Meanwhile, this dynamic series of original 1930s Castrol posters promotes their sponsored speed records and distance achievements on land and in the air:

PS0272_1_m  PS0275_1_m

PS0199_1_m  PS0274_1_m

For more sporting inspiration with an artistic touch, this series of original 1972 posters commissioned for the Munich Olympics aimed to “represent the intertwining of sports and art worldwide”:

PS0107_1_m  PS0084_1_m

PS0041_1_m  PS0055_1_m

PS0148_1_m  PS0075_1_m

Posters are suitable for any room of the home or office and this series of original 1930s Bovril posters that resemble the public service announcements of the time might provide some fun for the kitchen:

PA0161_1_m  PA0360_1_m

PA0356_1_m  PA0353_1_m

This series of child health posters was published in 1952 to promote “good health habits in school and at home” and would look fantastic in a child’s bedroom, playroom, nursery or school:

PP0282_1_m  PP0283_1_m

PP0287_1_m  PP0288_1_m

We have plenty to choose from – including more from some of the series featured above and some previously featured 1969 travel advertising posters for SNCF by Salvador Dali and a collection of 1986-1992 London Underground art posters – so why not browse our website and our blog for more ideas, such as decorating a cinema room with original vintage James Bond or Marilyn Monroe posters. You can also follow us on:

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Latest Products

Over 120 new additions were listed on the AntikBar website in January. Visit the Latest Products page to view this varied selection, which includes:

PT0356_1_m   PA0464_1_m

PA0445_1_m   PA0462_1_m

PS0136_1_m   PA0439_1_m

PT0334_1_m   PA0432_1_m

PC0213_1_m   PA0440_1_m

PA0455_1_m   PA0458_1_m

PT0340_1_m   PS0137_1_m

PC0218_1_m   PP0195_1_m

PA0434_1_m   PT0346_1_m

PS0153_1_m   PS0139_1_m

PA0437_1_m  PT0351_1_m

PA0452_1_m   PA0453_1_m

PA0467_1_m   PC0234_1_m


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The London Underground: celebrating 150 years (1863-2013)

On 9th January 1863 the world’s first underground train made its first passenger journey of 3 1/2 miles from Paddington Station to Farringdon Station on the Metropolitan Railway Line in London. In 1908 London Underground commissioned its first poster advertising designs becoming one of the leading patrons in poster art.

The American-born graphic artist Edward McKnight Kauffer, for example, was one of Britain’s most notable and influential poster artists during the 20th century, producing some truly stunning posters for the London Underground and London Transport. The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden will be holding an exhibition – “Poster Art 150” – from February to October 2013, showcasing works of art by both well known and lesser known artists who all made an impact on its outstanding poster advertising campaign.

To celebrate this special anniversary, here are some of the original vintage London Underground posters listed on the AntikBar website:

March Timetables, 1930s – artist: Beath (aka John Miles Fleming)

Buckingham Palace, 1934 – artist: Edward McKnight Kauffer

Hammersmith, 1936 – artist: Pat Keely

PA0380   PA0379   PA0378
Staggered Working Hours, 1945 – artist: Pat Keely

PS0078a   PS0078b
London Olympics Underground Map, 1948 – artist: unknown

Puppets, 1964 – artist: Thomas Osbourne Robinson

Note: AntikBar will again be participating at the next Decorative Fair in Battersea Park, London. Visit the News & Events page for more information on this popular event (free entry tickets will be available on request in advance).

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UPDATE – here are the latest London Underground posters recently added to the AntikBar website:

PA0508_1_m   PT0263_1_m

PA0440_1_m   PA0452_1_m

Website: http://www.AntikBar.co.uk
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/antikbar
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