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Summer Sale – Original Vintage Poster Auction (26 June)

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Our next auction will be held on Saturday 26 June, starting online at 2pm (UK time). This auction features a wide variety of original vintage posters from around the world including travel, advertising, sport, war, propaganda and movie posters.

View our catalogue and register to bid online in advance via: 

— Invaluable at www.invaluable.com/catalog/s7bnv51vg7  
— Live Auctioneers at www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/204896_original-vintage-posters-summer-sale/  
— The Saleroom at www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/antikbar/catalogue-id-antikb10023  

Please note: there will be no preview before this auction. Our popular Lot of the Day features are featured on our social media (links below) and on this page in the lead up to the auction. We offer in-house postage worldwide for items won in our auctions. Visit our Auction page for more information.

Lot Of The Day

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100 Year Anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution in Posters

PC0197_1_mThe twentieth century was shaped by several key global events. One of them – the 1917 October Revolution in Russia – led to the creation of a completely new social structure, government and system of beliefs. The events of the Russian Revolution have been described in many books and portrayed in films but very few documents that bear true witness to this era have managed to carry through the essence of the dramatic changes and immense struggle between the old and the new to today. Posters are one of the few documents that have survived as silent visual yet very vocal witnesses to the events that tore the country in half and led to the formation of the USSR (the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics also known as the Soviet Union – Союз Советских Социалистических Республик or СССР). Historic memorabilia from that time is very rare as paper was scarce and, as such, these original posters from the period are highly collectable.

After the October Revolution in 1917, the Bolshevik government was faced with the task of swaying a largely illiterate population to its side in the resulting Russian Civil War and beyond. Posters proved to be an ideal medium to deliver their message using bold and striking designs with minimum text. The imagery clearly distinguished the ‘bad guys’ from the ‘good guys’ and instructed the people on what to do and how to fight the enemy. As the country established itself, poster art grew more sophisticated and the government further developed this means of propaganda art and the print runs increased. Due to this proven effectiveness, the Soviet Union became one of the few countries where artists PP0399_1_mwere specifically trained as poster designers.

The unique combination of striking artwork, powerful imagery and important social history makes these posters of great interest to collectors. A growth in nostalgia and reconciliation with the country’s past is resulting in more demand for high-end posters from the Soviet Union’s early 1917-1939 period as well as the more affordable period from the 1960s to the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

A few of our original vintage Soviet posters will be displayed in our gallery from 25 October to 7 November for this centenary and all are available to view online at www.AntikBar.co.uk and at our gallery on request. Click on the images featured below for more information on this slideshow selection:

3rd anniversary of the Vseobuch Red Army military training for conscripts (1921)

October – Ten Days That Shook The World movie poster for the groundbreaking silent film by Sergei Eisenstein (Y. Ruklevsky, 1927)

Mikhail Frunze (1885-1925): Bolshevik leader during the 1917 Revolution and Red Army commander during the Russian Civil War (1920s) 

Shock brigade of the world’s proletariat Proletarians of all countries, defend (G. Klutsis, 1930s)

Progress of collectivisation in Uzbekistan (Z. Ratem, 1931)

Let’s build a powerful Soviet airship “Klim Voroshilov” (A. Deineka, 1931)

Five year plan (Abramovich, 1932)

“There is nothing that the Bolsheviks can’t conquer” Stalin (P. Karachentsov, 1937)

Constitution of the USSR (El Lissitsky, 1937)

All Soviet people will vote for further strengthening of our glorious Red Army and Navy! (V. Stenberg, 1938)

They Wanted Peace / The Great Dawn movie poster (P. Finogin, 1938)

Movie poster for a film about Valery Chkalov (1904-1938): awarded hero pilot of the Soviet Union (1941)

Long live the XXVI anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution! We will win (M.A. Gordon, E.P. Efimov, 1943)

Collective farmers of Siberia! More bread to the Soviet country! (V. Klimashin, 1946)

Increase steel production to make our country stronger! 25.4 million tonnes of steel in 1950 (V. Klimashin, 1946)

Soviet warrior, be an excellent skier! (E. Maloletkov, 1953)

Sport in the USSR – Sport of millions! (I. Toidze, 1956)

Communists always ahead! (1956)

Live, work and fight like Lenin! (V. Suryaninov, 1958)

“…Everywhere and in everything the name of Lenin is with us…” V. Mayakovsky (I. Ippolitov, 1959)

Pravda “Lenin is with us, eternal and majestic, his thoughts, words and deeds spread through the galaxy” V. Mayakovsky (N. Dolgorukov, 1960s) 

Printer’s proof for Pravda (V. Klimashin, 1960)

Glory to the Great October! (A. Antonchenko, 1960)

Every new record – new glory for our motherland! (D. Pyatkin, M. Strezhenov, 1960)

People and party are united! (V. Ivanov, 1961)

Forward with the party of Lenin! (K. Ivanov, 1961)

The people and the army are united! (L. Golovanov, 1961)

With the name of Lenin! (I. Solovyov, 1962)

Glory to the USSR! (M. Solovyov, 1964)

We are first in space Let’s be first in the chemical industry!  (V. Koretsky, 1964)

Long live the socialist revolution! (B. Kalensky, 1966)

Time works for communism 1917-1967 (L. Levshunova, 1967)

The sport and youth of the country are uniquely united! (R. Suryaninov, 1968)

Riders Of The Revolution movie poster (A. Lemeshchenko, 1968)

The most human person (V. Ivanov, 1969)

“All education should aim to nurture communist morale in the youth” V.I. Lenin (V. Suryaninov, 1969)

Our ideological foundation is Marxism-Leninism Our goal is communism (E. Briskin, 1969)

Victory of communism is unavoidable (I. Kustov, 1971)

Victory of communism is unavoidable (I. Kustov, 1971)

…Revolution has a beginning, but revolution has no end! (V. Koretsky, 1972)

The Warsaw Pact is a dependable shield of socialism (A. Adashev, 1975)

“The teachings of Marx are ever powerful because they are right!” V.I. Lenin (E. Artsunyan, 1976)

To new achievements in the name of victorious communism! (I. Toidze, 1976)

Glory to Soviet science! XXV Congress of the Communist Party of the USSR (V. Viktorov, 1976)

RVS RevVoyenSoviets movie poster (A. Ulymov, 1977)

Steadily increase the efforts in the fight for stable peace! (D. Filatov, 1977)

Our socialist republic of Soviets will stand firm, like the torch of international socialism and as an example in front of the working masses (B. Reshetnikov, 1977)

1918 1978 You were born under a red flag in the troublesome year… (V. Viktorov, 1978)

Personal five year plan to mark the 110th anniversary of Lenin’s birth! (I. Kominarets, 1979)

23 February – Soviet Red Army and Navy day (V. Fekliev, 1984)

The young will carry on the tradition! 50th anniversary of the Stakhanovite movement (Y. Poltoran, 1984)

In addition to over 500 Soviet posters, we also stock a selection of historical newspapers, constructivist magazines and books including:

Lenin's Letter
ROSTA: Lenin’s letter (1919)

Booklet: Proletariat leader of peasants (1925)

Intourist travel brochure: Visit the USSR (1930s)

Magazine: USSR in Construction (one of a series, 1930)

Magazine: Za Rulem (back cover Stenberg Brothers, 1931)

Pravda newspaper (G. Klutsis, 1933)

Izvestia newspaper (1937)


RussianRevolution FeatureWall Exhibition

HistoryOfCommunism  Twitter feature by @HOCommunism

RussianArtCulture Event listed by Russian Art + Culture

LAPADA Soviet Exhibition Event listed by LAPADA 

A few of our Soviet posters on display at Bentley & Skinner‘s “Faberge and the Russian Revolution” exhibition, open 7-11 November:
B&S exhibition


Visit our website at www.AntikBar.co.uk to view all our original vintage posters from around the world (cinema, travel, advertising, sport, war, propaganda), available online with worldwide delivery, or visit us at our gallery:

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Event: LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair, Berkeley Square, London

LAPADA banner 2

AntikBar will be exhibiting at Stand C6 the annual LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair in Berkeley Square, London, from Tuesday 13th to Sunday 18th September (see below for opening hours and ticket information, including the Collectors’ Preview on Monday 12th).

Please let us know if you would like a complimentary invitation to visit us at this event (limited availability). Our gallery is located at 404 King’s Road, London SW10 0LJ (click here for our opening hours and more information).

About the Fair:
“Since its inception in 2009, the LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair has grown to become a foremost international showcase for art and antiques, as well as one of the most prestigious events on the London social calendar. It’s one of only two yearly events to grace the beautiful Berkeley Square. At the heart of the modern, cosmopolitan city yet steeped in historical resonance, the location could not be more fitting.

100 exhibitors present work from across the art, antiques, design and decorative arts spectrum. Including jewellery, furniture, carpets, tapestries, antiquities, clocks, ceramics, silver and fine art, authenticity is assured thanks to a 70-member specialist committee pre-vetting everything on sale. With prices ranging from £500 to £500,000 and above, sought-after pieces appeal to both the established collector and first-time buyer alike.

A unique stage that welcomes visitors from across the world, the fair blends eclecticism, artistry and hospitality in perfect measure. An esteemed occasion, and a door to an intriguing world.”

“LAPADA (The Association of Art & Antiques Dealers) is the largest society of professional art and antiques dealers in the UK. It is a trusted resource for private collectors and the art & antiques trade in the UK and 16 other countries around the world. Established in 1974 it boasts 600 worldwide members, who are experts in their fields, with specialities ranging from fine art, jewellery and furniture to contemporary works, sculpture and ceramics.”

Opening Hours & Tickets:
Monday 12 – Collectors’ Preview (by invitation only), 3pm to 9pm
Tuesday 13 – 11am to 8pm
Wednesday 14 – 11am to 5:30pm
Thursday 15 – 11am to 8pm
Friday 16 – 11am to 8pm
Saturday 17 – 11am to 7pm
Sunday 18 – 11am to 5pm

If you would like to receive an invitation to the Fair and/or Collectors’ Preview (limited availability), and to join our emailing list, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you at the Fair.

For more information on this event and to purchase tickets in advance, please visit the LAPADA Fair website at www.lapadalondon.com.

PA1184_1_m  Our “collection of striking designs” featured by Billionaire.com in their list of top 10 dealers to visit at the 2016 LAPADA Fair: “From aeronautica to aboriginal art, Billionaire profiles 10 dealer booths that you shouldn’t miss…”

PS0549_1_m  Sporting Antiques Fit For A Gentleman – our vintage sport posters featured by Gentleman’s Journal: “For people with a passion for sport, posters featuring historical achievements and past events are a great way to decorate and provide for further appreciation…”

harpers-bazaar-us  “Modern Vintage: collectible art deco treasures available at LAPADA” by Harper’s Bazaar US featuring one of our original vintage Imperial Airways (1932) posters and one of our Cunard White Star Line (1937) posters.

pa1198_1_m  Harper’s Bazaar UK featured AntikBar as the “Best for vintage posters – …the vintage posters on sale at this Chelsea-based dealer are diverse in their subject matter, but all equally wonderful curiosities.”

antiquestradegazette  Our original vintage 1930s Austria for Winter Sports skiing poster featured by the Antique Trade Gazette (with our Stand C6 exhibitor listing insert featuring Buy British 1930s and Paris Olympics 1924)

telegraph Our original vintage 1932 Bugatti poster featured by The Telegraph in their Luxury Design slideshow of this year’s LAPADA Fair highlights “showcasing the best in art and antiques…”

houseandgarden  “20 Beautiful Finds at LAPADA 2016” by House and Garden features two of our original vintage Art Deco posters from the 1920s and 1930s

ChineseNewsVideo.jpg  Our original vintage “nostalgic era” posters at the LAPADA Fair featured by CNC Xinhua Network TV China (click the image to watch the video)…

newchinatv  …with their news review in English featuring AntikBar (click the image to watch the video)

collecting-postersSneak Peek: our new guide to collecting original vintage posters will be available from our Stand C6 at the LAPADA Fair. This guide includes a brief history of posters, printing techniques, investing in posters, how to spot an original from a fake, some of the main poster subjects, design styles and notable artists.
[Save the Date: this guide will also be available at our next Introduction to Collecting Posters talk on 5 October.]


setup  Set up in progress…

tuewed  Mid-week browse… 


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Happy Anniversary Cunard! Celebrating 175 Years, 1840-2015

This year the world renowned leading shipping company, Cunard, is celebrating its 175th anniversary. Cunard was founded in 1840 by Samuel Cunard (1787-1865), with the Scottish engineer, Robert Napier (1791-1876), as the British and North American Royal Mail Steam-Packet Company. For the first 30 years the company was frequently awarded the Blue Riband for the fastest passenger cruise liners to cross the Atlantic. In 1934 the company merged with its main rival, White Star Line, to form Cunard White Star Line. In 1950 Cunard bought the remaining 38% and its name reverted to Cunard Line.

Since the Crimean War, Cunard offered its cruise liners as troop ships for active service during war time. The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill (1874-1965), recognised the support of Cunard during the Second World War in his estimation that their action helped to shorten the war by at least a year.

During the 1950s and 1960s passenger ships faced serious competition from the introduction and popularity of transatlantic jet airliners. Cunard survived by cutting its year-round services to offer luxury holiday cruises and transatlantic voyages instead, which are still popular today; Cunard is now the only shipping company to operate scheduled passenger services across the Atlantic. In addition to its transatlantic cruises, the company also operates a variety of other cruises and tours, from mini cruises to exotic cruises (listed on its website), with its three ships: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria.

We currently have the following original vintage 1930s Cunard posters in stock advertising the Queen Mary (1934-1967), Laconia (1921-1942) and Britannic (1929-1960). Each one tells its own unique story as a piece of art reflecting a moment in history (click on the images to be directed to our website for more information):

PT0491_1_m  America this Year! This very large and rare 1930s poster for the Queen Mary features a stunning image of the ocean liner towering over the small tug boats with the skyline of New York in the background. Queen Mary took her maiden voyage in 1936 as Cunard’s flagship liner. During World War Two she was converted into a troop ship, resuming her normal transatlantic passenger services after the war. She was retired in 1967 and is now permanently moored as a museum and hotel in California.

PT0681_1_m  Winter Cruises 1937. This beautiful Art Deco poster features reflective silver outlines on the text with an image of the Laconia and three yachts sailing by palm trees on a beach. Laconia took her first round-the-world cruise in 1923. During World War Two she was converted into an armed merchant cruiser; in 1942 she was hit by a U-Boat torpedo and sank near Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean.

PA0849_1_m  The Liverpool Route to USA and Canada, 1930s. Britannic was designed for both summer and winter cruising and fitted in the latest Art Deco furnishings for its launch in 1929 as White Star Line’s first motor ship and Britain’s first motor vessel. In 1930 she offered Caribbean cruises during the winter and serviced the Liverpool to New York route then the London to New York route, becoming the largest liner to sail up the River Thames in 1935. During World War Two she served as a troop ship. After the war she offered Mediterranean cruises and in 1960 she was retired and scrapped; the last ship to fly the White Star Line flag.

PT0685_1_m  I’m taking my family – take yours! Although this is a White Star Line poster (the four funnelled liner shown is most likely the Olympic, launched in 1911 and retired in 1935 after the company merged with Cunard Line), we couldn’t resist including it. The 1930 image of a young girl holding hands with her family of dolls and waving her Passage Ticket up in the air with joy captures the thrill of travelling by cruise liner; this sense of excitement is still felt today by all who choose to sail across the Atlantic rather than fly.

We have more cruise ship and sailing posters listed on our website at www.AntikBar.co.uk, a few of which are also featured on our previous Sail Away blog post.


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Celebrating the Year of the Bus, London 2014


London Transport and Transport for London are celebrating the Year of the Bus this year with a few notable anniversaries: London has benefitted from the service of the world’s first mass-produced motor bus (100 years), the RT-Type bus (75 years) and the Routemaster bus (60 years) since 1914.

The iconic red double-decker London Bus is now one of the world’s most recognisable transport symbols (how many residents and tourists alike, both adults and children, look forward to sitting at the front of the top deck for those fabulous views?!), and we’d like to join in the celebrations through our collection of original vintage London Transport and related posters, from the 1930s to 1970s:

PA0161_1_m   PA0253_1_m

PA0440_1_m   PA0194_1_m


PA0665_1_m   PT0263_1_m

PA0661_1_m   PA0663_1_m

PA0662_1_m   PA0664_1_m

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News Bite: our recent Facebook slideshows

Here’s a quick look at a couple of slideshows featured on our Facebook page this week (for more images, slideshows and updates, “like” our page at www.facebook.com/antikbar.co.uk):

Happy 125th Birthday to the Eiffel Tower…!

The iconic Eiffel Tower was designed by Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier for the 1889 Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair). It was built on the Champ de Mars in Paris between 1887-1889 and opened on 31 March 1889 with a permit initially for 20 years (until 1909). This grand entrance arch for the Fair was named after Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. As a valuable asset for communication, the Eiffel Tower was not dismantled and it has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. At 324m tall, it was the tallest man-made structure at the time (until 1930); now it is the tenth tallest lattice tower the world (the Tokyo SkyTree currently holds the number one position at 634m tall). “Joyeux Anniversaire!”

PT0296_1_m   PA0481_1_m
PT0085_1_m   PT0419_1_m



“The unveiling of the Le Mans 24-Hours poster is always an eagerly-awaited event by the fans… This poster defines an area of rich expression aimed at a wide-ranging public by projecting them into a powerful and attractive imaginary environment: Pride of place goes to the new prototypes launched in 2014 which, propelled by luminous, electric colours, leap out of the poster; A cleaner and less figurative universe than in the past, which fits perfectly with the new slogan – A new era dawns!; The integration of spectators of all ages whose faces show the expressions of awe and the incredible emotions experienced…” Read the full news article at News via http://www.24h-lemans.com/en/news/the-2014-le-mans-24-hours-poste-unveiled-in-geneva-_2_2_1746_14271.html 

View the new 2014 poster below with a few of AntikBar’s original vintage Le Mans posters from 1961, 1963, 1972 and 1974, as well as a couple of other related posters featuring Dan Gurney (winner of Le Mans in 1967) and Steve McQueen (1971 movie poster). For more Le Mans and other racing posters, visit our website at www.antikbar.co.uk


PS0057_1_m   PS0056_1_m
PS0160_1_m   PC0196_1_m


Please visit our website at www.antikbar.co.uk to browse all our original vintage posters – cinema, travel, advertising, sport, war and propaganda. You can also follow us on:

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Quick News Bite


NEW: You can now browse “by price” on the AntikBar website. More updates and product listings will be coming soon.

Save the Date: AntikBar will be at the Spring Decorative Fair in Battersea Park from 23-28 April. A notice will be posted on the News & Events page nearer the time with full details on this popular event.

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The London Underground: celebrating 150 years (1863-2013)

On 9th January 1863 the world’s first underground train made its first passenger journey of 3 1/2 miles from Paddington Station to Farringdon Station on the Metropolitan Railway Line in London. In 1908 London Underground commissioned its first poster advertising designs becoming one of the leading patrons in poster art.

The American-born graphic artist Edward McKnight Kauffer, for example, was one of Britain’s most notable and influential poster artists during the 20th century, producing some truly stunning posters for the London Underground and London Transport. The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden will be holding an exhibition – “Poster Art 150” – from February to October 2013, showcasing works of art by both well known and lesser known artists who all made an impact on its outstanding poster advertising campaign.

To celebrate this special anniversary, here are some of the original vintage London Underground posters listed on the AntikBar website:

March Timetables, 1930s – artist: Beath (aka John Miles Fleming)

Buckingham Palace, 1934 – artist: Edward McKnight Kauffer

Hammersmith, 1936 – artist: Pat Keely

PA0380   PA0379   PA0378
Staggered Working Hours, 1945 – artist: Pat Keely

PS0078a   PS0078b
London Olympics Underground Map, 1948 – artist: unknown

Puppets, 1964 – artist: Thomas Osbourne Robinson

Note: AntikBar will again be participating at the next Decorative Fair in Battersea Park, London. Visit the News & Events page for more information on this popular event (free entry tickets will be available on request in advance).

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UPDATE – here are the latest London Underground posters recently added to the AntikBar website:

PA0508_1_m   PT0263_1_m

PA0440_1_m   PA0452_1_m

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