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The Visual Impact of Nourishment in Vintage Posters

Summer Exhibition at AntikBar

Nourishment in the form of food and drink products is widely represented in original vintage posters in various capacities, from advertising specific brands and promoting a healthy lifestyle to improving agricultural production, encouraging self-sufficiency and reducing waste.

The different customs, traditions and practices of consumption in social communities are closely connected with the daily life of each person. The theme of nourishment can be a powerful tool that has an active influence on the individual consumer, which is why there is such a variety of creativity and knowledge conveyed in food and drink posters around the world.

These original posters were designed by an artist (or group of artists) for a particular purpose, intended for display in a public place. In the days before television and modern social media, posters were the only way to reach a mass audience and they were used extensively for brand advertising and for public education and propaganda.

Artists were challenged to condense a message into a single graphic form that would stand out on the wall and grab the attention of passers-by to attract new customers and deliver the message in the most effective way. Being very topical, posters absorbed and reflected the prevailing and changing art styles, fashions and culture of their era.

This virtual and gallery exhibition at AntikBar, held as part of KCAW22, showcases food and drink posters from different countries worldwide from the late 1800s through to the early 2000s, looking at them in an artistic and design point of view and as an insight into the social history of the period.

Visit our virtual exhibition at and browse all our food and drink posters from around the world at our gallery and online at + scroll down for links to follow us on social media for more updates and news during the exhibition period.

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As part of this exhibition, we are featuring the following small independent food and drink experts – click on the QR code and the images for more information:

The Bordeaux Kitchen by Tania Teschke: Comprehensive French cultural and culinary journey by Tania Teschke, food and wine gourmet, and lifelong student of French culture. Also: Bordeaux and St. Emilion tour Stay in a gorgeous villa and soak in the French lifestyle with wine, chocolate and pastry classes, culinary demonstrations and more!

Discover Georgian Food with Helena Bedwell, who has compiled three successful cookbooks on Georgian cuisine – Georgian Flavours from Helena: Cooking Made Easy • Eat Georgian Feel Good: Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes from Helena • Georgian Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free Recipes from Helena: Meals Made Simple – all available on Amazon.

Vintastic Wine & Food Tours with Margaret Mallon Pujol: Enjoy French wines at their place of origin, be it a large chateau or a family owned estate, and delight in open air food markets, artisanal shops and cheese farms. Vintastic Wine Experiences specialise in guided tours to immerse you in the joys of the French “art de vivre” and ensure you experience France like never before!

KCAW22 Poetry Corner

It took me 14 years to find condensed milk… I had lost hope… But my tongue seems to be where nostalgia lives… Suddenly, entirely enveloped in a memory…” Read this great poem by Isabelle Evans on display on our gallery window + visit to experience more nostalgia through our original vintage food and drink posters

In The News

Exhibition feature by Frances Allitt – “A cheery Retail Fruit Trade Federation 1930s poster promoting healthy breakfast food features in AntikBar’s summer exhibition The Visual Impact of Nourishment in Vintage Posters”
Click here to read more in this week’s Antiques Trade Gazette (23 July 2022, issue 2552)

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