World Health Day 2021

April 7th is World Health Day, so we are sharing some of our favourite health related books, magazines and ephemera from the AntikBar Books website – there’s everything from health resort brochures to guides on children’s hygiene! Click on the links in the captions to see more.

Health Resorts and Sanatoria

The first sanatorium is thought to have opened in the 1830s to treat tuberculosis. By the early 20th century, doctors routinely prescribed a stay in a health resort or sanatorium to combat a variety of illnesses. Often located in the mountains or by thermal springs, sanatoria offered city-dwellers a chance to enjoy clean air, balanced diets, and long walks. These magazines and brochures focus on health resorts and sanatoria in Europe and the USSR.

French language edition of USSR in Construction #7 1949. The issue is dedicated to public health in the Soviet Union and watersports and contains articles about the growing Soviet population and factory hospitals.

English language edition of issue USSR in Construction #1 1936. The issue concentrates on health resorts in the Soviet Union and contains an illustrated map of the resorts, with statistics on patient numbers and photographs.

Travel brochure for Strobl am Wolfgangsee (1950s) health resort and beach on Lake Wolfgang (Wolfgangsee) in Salzkammergut Austria.

Public Health and Hygiene

These books provide some interesting advice and information on maintaining public health and hygiene.

Public Health Protection in the USSR (1939) The book is devoted to public health protection in the USSR. The essay by N. Propper-Graschenkov is accompanied by photographs of hospitals, maternity houses, and sanatorias all over the Soviet Union.
Hygiene of a Preschool Child in the Family (1929) Featuring great constructivist artwork, this book contains practical pieces of advice on how to raise a healthy child.

Sport and Exercise

Dating from the 1920s and 30s, these Soviet books and magazines demonstrate the importance of sport and physical exercise in the USSR. They feature great examples of constructivist photography and illustrate the variety of sports practised.

Sport in the USSR (1939) – Written by A Starostin, captain of the Spartacus football team, the essay discusses sport in the Soviet Union and is accompanied by photographs from stadiums, sport championships, and physical culture schools in different parts of the country. 

Physical Culture and Sports (1928) was a weekly Soviet and Russian illustrated magazine containing sports news and articles on theoretical and methodological issues of various sports. This issue’s articles include How to Learn to Row Correctly on the Simple Boat, Tennis Ball Prediction, and Amsterdam Olympics.

The french language edition of USSR in Construction #7-8 1934 concentrates on physical education. Photos show a morning gymnastics session on an office building’s roof, workers doing exercises in a factory, a school PE lesson, Dynamo stadium in Moscow, and people training for football, diving, rowing, running, handball, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey and more.

You might also enjoy AntikBar’s health related posters

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