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Time For Tea!

Put on the kettle and enjoy a break browsing our current collection of original vintage tea posters over a cuppa (click on the images for more information):

PA0603_1_m  1930s poster advertising Lyons’ Green Label Tea, as recommended by Peter the tea planter. The Irish brand Lyons was founded in 1902 in Dublin and is now part of the Unilever family. Lyons continues to produce tea and is still one of the biggest brands in Ireland.

PA2047_1_m  1930s poster advertising Meinl India Tee featuring artwork by Otto Exinger (1897-1957) who was employed by Julius Meinl’s advertising design studio in 1926. In 1927 he became their studio director and worked there until his death in 1957. Julius Meinl was founded in Vienna in 1862 and continues to sell premium tea, coffee and other gourmet food products.

PA2048_1_m  1899 Thé Chinbara “the best black tea in China” advertising poster by the French graphic designer Daniel De Losques (Henri Daniel Casimir Paul Thoroude; 1880-1915), who also designed the 1910 Thé Chinbara “the best tea in Ceylan” (Sri Lanka) poster below:

PA2049_1_m  The talented artist and caricaturist, Daniel De Losques, studied law before becoming a graphic designer and setting up his own printing studio for commercial poster design in 1910. His life was cut short during World War One when he was killed in action while serving as a bombardier.

PA2045_1_m  1920s advertising poster for Thé Kooh-i-Noor black tea from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) featuring a man in traditional clothing enjoying a freshly brewed cup of tea.

PA1978_1_m  1960s advertising poster for Marco Polo Tee “full of flower fragrance and fullness” featuring the text on the sails of three sailing boats.

PA1526_1_m  1900s advertising poster for Produits Maxime Paris featuring a young girl holding a tray of tea, coffee, cacao and chocolate against a decorative Art Nouveau style background.

We also stock some tea-related posters, including this 1953 BOAC travel poster for Ceylon (Sri Lanka) by the Italian illustrator and poster designer Aldo Cosomati (1897-1977) and this 1940s World War Two pictorial map poster featuring India’s industries and technical skill in war and peace:

PT1726_1_m  PA1820_1_m

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