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Original Vintage Posters – A Dedicated Follower of Fashion…

PA0502_1_mWe’re often asked if we have any fashion posters and the simple answer is always “yes.” Many posters feature fashion in some form, whether directly by advertising clothing or shoes to indirectly by capturing the style of the era.

This 1920s DeVally Show advertising poster, for example, features a rather dapper gentleman wearing a top hat and tails, holding a cane. Here are a few more of our original vintage posters from around the world, from the 1890s through the wars and the swinging sixties to the 1980s:


PA0523_1_m  PA0682_1_m  PA0684_1_m

PA0837_1_m  PA0351_1_m  PA0415_1_m

PA0872_1_m  PA0874_1_m  PA0733_1_m

PA0460_1_m  PA0940_1_m  PA0501_1_m

PA0179_1_m  PS0436_1_m

PT0891_1_m PS0349_1_m PS0342_1_m

PA1019_1_m    PA0852_1_m

PS0235_1_m  PS0269_1_m

PS0270_1_m  PS0371_1_m  PA0649_1_m

PC0503_1_m  PC0533_1_m  PC0232_1_m

PA0951_1_m  PA0817_1_m  PA0327_1_m

PA0864_1_m  PA0863_1_m



PA0183_1_mPlease contact us if you have any specific search requests and visit our website at to browse all our original vintage posters from around the world – cinema, travel, advertising, sport, war, propaganda. For more updates, follow us on:


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