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Slideshow: Summer Fun in the Sun!

Sunshine, sea and sandy beaches around the world:

PT0584_1_m   PT0753_1_m


PT0710_1_m (1)   PT0664_1_m

PT0715_1_m (1)   PT0717_1_m

PT0395_1_m   PT0386_1_m

PT0612_1_m   PT0712_1_m

PT0552_1_m   PT0351_1_m

PT0772_1_m   PT0290_1_m

PT0608_1_m   PT0810_1_m

PT0817 _1_m   PT0750_1_m

PT0503_1_m   PT0785_1_m

PT0276_1_m   PT0595_1_m

PS0357_1_m   PT0849_1_m

PT0686_1_m   PT0596

PT0455_1_m   PT0680_1_m

The Manx Electric Railway - Isle of Man_1_m

PT0632_1_m   PT0590_1_m

PT0830_1_m   PT0310_1_m

PT0805_1_m   PT0829_1_m

PT0554_1_m   PT0836_1_m

PT0453_1_m   PT0531_1_m

PP0388_1_m   PS0471_1_m

PT0679_1_m   PT0636_1_m

PT0461_1_m   PT0795_1_m

PT0387_1_m   PT0694_1_m

PS0411_1_m    PT0700_1_m

PT0501_1_m   PT0502_1_m


PT0474_1_m   PT0466_1_m




PT0665_1_m   PT0592_1_m

PT0677_1_m     PT0504_1_m

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…for Visit Philippines Year 2015: PT0770_1_m

PT0463_1_m   PT0771_1_m


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In the News: “Oh, I do like to be beside a seaside poster worth £5,000: Nostalgia for romantic holiday era creates boom in demand for old posters…

Once fashionable hotspots such as Southport, Blackpool, Scarborough and Bognor Regis may have long lost their status as luxury destinations, but…this does not stop many reminiscing about this bygone age.

A yearning for a more romantic holiday era dominated by wholesome family values has created a wave of nostalgia for old posters of the British seaside. It has also pushed up values of collectable posters by 20 per cent over the past decade.

…collectable travel poster artists of the time are Tom Purvis, Ronald Lampitt, Frank Sherwin, Alan Durman, Edward McKnight Kauffer, Frank Newbould and Norman Wilkinson.

Splashing Out: 
– Until the late Victorian era, holidays were for the wealthy only. Workers were given Sunday off for church, but it was not until near the end of the 19th Century that people started to get Saturday afternoon off too – and the weekend was born. 
– Bathing in sea water was believed to be good for the health and this led to the growth of resorts such as Brighton, Margate, Eastbourne, Blackpool, Southport and Bournemouth. 
– Bognor was granted ‘Regis’ status after King George V convalesced there in the 1920s following lung surgery. 
– A rapidly expanding rail network boosted the appeal of seaside resorts – helped by rail company posters romanticising them. The early 20th Century was the golden age of rail before the mass ownership of cars and the advent of package trips…”

Click here to read the full article by Toby Walne for the Financial Mail on Sunday. Visit to browse our whole collection of original vintage posters, including works by notable artists and a wide variety of travel advertising posters from around the UK and the rest of the world.


Original Antique Posters: Celebrating 100+ Years of Poster Design

Posters have been the broad disseminator of ideas and images that have BR0008_1_mreflected social and cultural changes over the course of history. Given their ease of display on walls and high visibility, posters deliver their messages to the masses in the most effective way. The discovery of colour lithography in the late 1700s/early 1800s was one of the major developments that changed poster design. This technology needed an artist who understood the intricacies of colour balance to develop the poster as an art form: Jules Cheret (1836-1932) was able to combine his artistic talent with his knowledge of lithography and is widely regarded as the father of poster art.

PS0343_1_mCheret ingeniously combined modern British printing press machines with a clean-cut approach to colours used in traditional Japanese woodblocks to print more cost effective posters that were bolder and boasted clear and well defined images. A number of notable artists, such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901), followed his example in experimenting with new printing technologies and, by the late 1800s, posters were transformed into a recognisable art form and quickly became collector’s items.

Poster enthusiasts would venture out at night with damp sponges to remove the latest artwork by Cheret or Toulouse-Lautrec from the walls. PA0725_1_m (1)Poster exhibitions were held practically every year that further revealed the beauty of this new emerging art form to the public and influenced both advertisers and artists.

Being very topical, posters evoke the styles of the era and have very often survived as the best examples of art movements such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Constructivism. To celebrate over 100 years of poster design, here is our current collection of original antique posters dating from the 1890s to mid-1910s:

PS0269_1_m   PS0235_1_m
PA0321_1_m   PA0523_1_m
PS0193_1_m   PS0391_1_m
PT0657_1_m   PA0381_1_m
PA0712_1_m   PA0711_1_m
PP0332_1_m   PP0327_1_m
PA0861_1_m   PA0308_1_m
PA0347_1_m   PS0270_1_m
PA1037_1_m   PA0871_1_m
PA0947_1_m   PT0703_1_m
PT0746_1_m   PA0995_1_m
PA0573_1_m   PT0828_1_m
PA0267_1_m   PA0983_1_m
PW0015_1_m   PW0089_1_m
PP0212_1_m   PW0120_1_m
PW0080_1_m   PW0141_1_m


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AntikBar is a Member of the International Vintage Poster Dealers’ Association (IVPDA), the London Art Deco Society (LADS) and The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers (LAPADA).



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