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Applauding Art Deco: celebrating the style’s 90th anniversary

PT0099_1_m  The latest issue of 1st Dibs’ Introspective Magazine features AntikBar in their celebration of 90 years of Art Deco style: 

“Few design styles are as widely recognized and appreciated as Art Deco. The term alone conjures visions of the Roaring Twenties, Machine Age metropolises, vast ocean liners, sleek typography and Prohibition-era hedonism. The iconic movement made an indelible mark on all fields of design throughout the 1920s and ’30s, celebrating society’s growing industrialization with refined elegance and stunning craftsmanship.

In honor of its 90th anniversary this year, we celebrate Art Deco, outlining its history and enlisting several 1stdibs Deco specialists to discuss both this revolutionary and glamorous style and the era out of which it was born.”

Click here to read the full article with interviews and images, including their selection below of a few of our original vintage Art Deco posters:

PT0702_1_m  PA0877_1_m

PA0754_1_m  PS0307_1_m


PP0299_1_m  PT0290_1_m

PT0389_1_m  PS0274_1_m

PT0500_1_m  PS0202_1_m

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