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Pre-Event Slideshow: All the Fun of the Fair!

Fairground image
“Roll up, roll up for the greatest show on earth…!”

The foyer display at the Autumn 2014 Decorative Fair will feature a variety of fairground and circus art and artefacts, from advertising posters to fairground rides, ensuring a colourful, quirky and fun welcome to this popular event! (Our photo slideshow from the Fair will be posted on our Facebook page at, updated daily during the Fair week.)

Please scroll down or visit our News & Events page for more information and complimentary entry tickets to visit us at the Fair – we look forward to seeing you! As a little taster, here’s a slideshow featuring a few of our original vintage circus and fairground posters from around the world:

Fairground, 1930s

PA0183_1_m   PA0012_1_m
Goodyear soles (one of a series), 1950s & Cirque Jean Richard, 1980s

Welcome to the Circus, 1920s

PA0301_1_m   PA0555_1_m
Zollo and his four-legged friends, 1920s & Russian Circus Group, 1938

PA0506_1_m   PA0615_1_m
King Repp, 1928 & Cyrk Circus, 1975

PA0692_1_m   PA0053_1_m
Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish, 1950s & Elena Shkunova, 1966

PA0372_1_m   PA0373_1_m
Gerry Cottle’s Circus (Frank Bellamy): Walk of Death & Khalil Oghaby, 1976

PA0642_1_m   PA0302_1_m
Les Barroy, 1920s & Alexandrovs at the Circus, 1920s

BA0008_1_m  PA0119_1_m
Circus and Stage Issue 9, 1930 & Cirque Francais, 1958

PA0610_1_m   PA0645_1_m
Cyrk, 1979 &  Cyrk Tiger Tiger, 1977

Soviet Circus, 1930s

PA0365_1_m   PA0175_1_m
Flying Carts, 1950s & Flying Russian Sledges, 1933

PA0127_1_m   PT0422_1_m
Leopard Circus Act, 1920s & India, 1959

PA0471_1_m   PA0708_1_m
Narrhalla Carnival, 1920s & I International Festival of Circus Art, 1956 

The Decorative Fair is held three times a year (Winter, Spring and Autumn) at The Evolution Marquee in leafy Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ. AntikBar will be participating again by the hall entrance at Stand 141 from Tuesday 30th September to Sunday 5th October.

Please contact us to join our e-newsletter mailing list and to request a complimentary ticket to visit us at the Fair. An invitation is also available by clicking here. Visit our News & Events page for articles and reviews on previous Decorative Fairs.

Full information is given on the Fair website at:


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Travel Back in Time: Come Fly With Me

PA0495_1_m  The romantic notion and thrill of travelling by plane may be over for most of us but the allure is captured in many of the old advertising posters. This “then and now” look at air travel compares the messages and styles of some of our original vintage airline posters with some from the same companies today to show how print-based advertising has changed over the years.

American-6  “The legend is back” – to evoke a feeling of nostalgia, American Airlines recently launched an advertising campaign using well-known celebrities from the 1950s and today:


American-3  American-4

…compared with these posters advertising travel to Paris (1950s) and Australia (1970s) by American Airlines:

PT0294_1_m  PT0152_1_m

The messages are clear – this trend of combining a look to the past as well as future hope can been seen in United’s return to its “fly the friendly skies” slogan, Aeroflot’s upgrade to glamour through its ranking as “Europe’s most elegant cabin crew” in 2013 and LOT’s recent campaign as “the most modern airline in Europe”:


PS0010_1_m (1960s)



PA0434_1_m  (1950s)

…from this amusing cartoon style ad, “if only I flew by LOT” (1958), to this striking image and bold statement:

PA0243_1_m ???????????????????????????????

Meanwhile, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) and KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) have shifted up a couple of technological notches from more traditional art and photography during the 1950s and 1960s to embrace today’s digital age:

SAStravel-point-and-fly-600-98836 (2012)

SASairline-company-wider-seats-small-94507 (2002)

PT0238_1_m  PT0533_1_m

PA0669_1_m  PT0535_1_m

KLMair-france-klm-advert-large  (2011)

KLMad100full  (2002)

PT0363_1_m  PT0364_1_m

“The Gay Gateway” – active both on social media and as a supporter of the LGBT community, KLM created an online game in 2014 that offered players a chance to win two economy comfort flights. In 2010 their play-to-win campaign offered flights to “the world’s proudest festivals” as part of its sponsorship of Sweden’s Stockholm Gay Life Award. Turn back the clock half a century to perhaps a different meaning and we have an SAS stewardess serving customers Copenhagen, Europe’s Gay Gateway, on a dish:



Major events have also been used to entice people to show their support of their country by flying with their national carrier. The recent Summer Olympics in London (2012) and Winter Olympics in Sochi (2014) brought us some creative advertising posters from companies such as KLM and Austrian Airlines that contrast, for example, with this more traditional mid-century artistic depiction of Paris:

AustrianAnna Netrebko Austrian Airlines

PT0296_1_m  (1960s)

Sign of the times – you may be wondering by now why we’ve chosen only a small selection of airlines when we’ve got some great BOAC, Swissair, TWA etc. posters listed on our website. This is because we’ve remained focused on airlines that are still in existence today for a more direct comparison. However, we feel we can make an exception for Dobrolet, a Russian airline founded in 1923 that was consolidated with other Soviet aviation organisations to become Aeroflot in 1932. Earlier this year, the company was relaunched as Aeroflot’s low-cost carrier but a notice on their website currently states that their flights are currently suspended due to recent EU sanctions:




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