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London Underground Art Posters

PA0525_1_m   London Underground has a long history, since the early 20th century, of commissioning artists and designers to produce posters for display in Underground stations. In 1986, after a short lapse, London Underground began an active campaign of commissioning artists again with the aim of concentrating on fine art, rather than poster design. The essential difference was that artists were given a free hand without outside influence on the resulting work of art, unlike the commercial art route to advertising. The only specification was that all places had to be accessible by Underground. The resulting posters were never considered advertisements; rather, they were seen as good decoration for the stations, a passenger benefit and a way of continuing the Underground’s long history of responsibility towards art and heritage.

PA0532_1_m   Many famous artists responded to the offer of commissions, including Julian Trevelyan RA, John Bellany RA, Ruskin Spear RA, Bruce McLean, Sandra Fisher, RB Kitaj RA, Tom Wood, Philip Sutton RA, Frederick Gore RA, Howard Hodgkin, Anthony Green RA, Mick Rooney RA, Jeffrey Camp RA, Gillian Ayres RA, Norman Hepple RA, Martin Parr and many others.

Visit our London Underground Art Posters page to view these posters, which were all printed between 1986 and 1992 and have been stored ever since rolled in tubes. Their provenance is excellent. The printing varied to accommodate the wishes of the artists, sometimes requiring as many as six colours. We have access to 55 different poster designs by various artists, most of them are available in more than one size. Please contact us if you would like more information on this collection of London Underground posters or if you have any specific requests or queries.

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Event: 50 years of Russian history in posters, from Tsars to Dictators (1890-1940)

AntikBar will be presenting at the “50 years of Russian history in posters, from Tsars to Dictators” evening on Thursday 11th July from 18:00-19:30 at the Gallery for Russian Arts and Design (GRAD) in London. This event is part of the “See USSR” exhibition being held at GRAD until 31st August.

PA0374_1_m   The turbulent years of Russia’s history from 1890 to 1940 had a profound impact on all aspects of Russian life. Drama, trauma, war and political upheavals were very graphically reflected in the mass media of the period: posters. Created to grab the attention of passers-by, posters are very topical and often absorb and reflect changes in society, art styles and fashions. Join us for a visual journey through 50 years of Russian history as told by poster art.

For further information and to register for this free event, please visit or visit the News & Events page at

AntikBar is a Member of the International Vintage Poster Dealers Association (IVPDA).

Original Vintage Skiing Posters

PS0177_1_m   Skiing posters, like many advertising posters, were originally produced to entice holiday-makers and winter thrill-seekers to resorts and alpine areas. The early- to mid-century skiing posters were often designed by notable artists of the time and are colourful, dynamic, glamorous, nostalgic and stylish, sometimes also fun and quirky. The ones that survived now make for a good investment, ideal for decorating chalets and “back home” as a stunning reminder of a memorable ski trip. Christie’s hosts an annual ski auction every January and has recently seen an increase in popularity and demand for these eye-catching, unique designs.

PS0190_1_m   The Antiques Trade Gazette commented on the 2013 record-breaking results seen in the annual Christie’s ski auction: “What better way to relive that exhilarating ski holiday in the Alps than an eye-catching vintage poster of a breath-taking mountain view or athletic skier’s descent through perfect white powder?… The fact that so few have survived adds to their value and attraction. In general, a poster with plenty of decorative appeal showcasing a prestigious resort, such as a Swiss or French one, will be the most sought-after. Often style, rarity, artist and condition are of secondary importance to the buyer. Yet, as is the case with many collectors, they choose to buy simply because they love a particular poster, and…buyers should also have an appreciating asset… Selling rates and prices have climbed consistently in recent years…” (pp6-7, issue 2079, 23/1/13)

PT0389_1_m   Following the 2012 ski sale at Christie’s, Katherine Higgens commented in Homes and Antiques: “Conjuring snowy peaks and the glamour of apres ski, it’s no wonder vintage ski posters are whooshing out of the salesrooms… Launching into the ski poster market is easier than you might think. A good starting point is to focus on locations you have visited. After that, what you select is governed by how much you want to spend… Posters for popular resorts tend to be the most expensive.”

PS0189_1_m   Visit  to browse our selection of original vintage skiing posters available to purchase online with worldwide delivery. Please contact us if you have any specific requests or queries.

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Snapshot: Latest Products

Over 30 more posters have recently been listed on the AntikBar website; visit the Latest Products page to browse the selection:

Let the painter come when summer is over   Visit Amager - Besog Amager

Skiing - Winter Sports in France   Casino de Monte Carlo

Badner Land im Winter   Italia

Banff   Sunny Winter in Carinthia

Winter in Austria   Region de la Jungfrau

Zermatt   Halsingborg

Ski Around the World   Cote d'Azur

The Seven Year Itch   Saturday Night Fever

Supergirl   Steam Engine King George IV

Bermuda   Dusseldorf

Bretagne   SNCF - Winter Holidays

Skateboards Prohibited   London Underground - Bounds Green

Avoid the Peaks   Bolshoy Ballet

Women of the Allies   Unis-Sport

Sport d'Hiver   24 Heures du Mans - 1972

Taxona   Quarz-3

Bally   Finland

Carnival Night   Stars of the Russian Ballet

Kolo - Wheel   Ski Jumping

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