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The Perfect Gift!

   Give something more unique this Christmas and New Year that’s sure to delight: original vintage posters — the perfect gift and the present with a future!

Original vintage posters make ideal presents for family, friends, clients and colleagues as they can be chosen to fit a person’s hobby, childhood memory, work, travel or other interest within any size or budget requirements (prices range from under £50 to a few thousand). The variety of subjects and styles make them adaptable to any interior design, from traditional to contemporary, and they are a great way to add colour and an individual statement in any room of the home, office, playroom or holiday retreat. Original vintage posters are also highly collectible and are widely recognised as a sound art investment. As antique and vintage items, they are naturally eco-friendly.


    Spain via Iberia    Take the Bovril Home

I'll Carry Mine Too    Le Baby Skooter   Bally

Salmson Comfort    Salmson Precision    Salmson Elegance

Englishman    Skiing Christiania    Live and Let Die

Danish Ballet    Futbol    High Jump

1961 24 du Mans    Psycho    St Moritz

Jungfraujoch    Staggered Travelling   Cimborak

There are, of course, lots of other posters listed at to browse for more ideas and inspiration. Poster-related articles from the press (Antiques Trade Gazette, Financial Times, BBC etc.) and auction reviews are listed on the News & Events page. 
About Us: AntikBar is a London-based online business specialising in original vintage posters covering a variety of subjects – travel, advertising, sport, cinema, war and propaganda – from around the world, mainly from the late 1800s to 1970s. We attend fairs and events throughout the year and offer worldwide delivery, collection advice, consultancy and search on demand services for both individual clients and interior designers. 
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