“Poster of the Day”: mid to end May 2012

AntikBar’s “Poster of the Day” tweets and pins have proven to be very popular with our Twitter and Pinterest followers [ @AntikBar ]. Here’s a review of the mid to end May posters, highlighting the stories behind these snapshots of time that make original vintage posters so special both for the individual buyer and serious collector:

   Original vintage poster for Scandinavian Airlines System: Volez par SAS les Vikings Volants (Get away with the Flying Vikings), specially drawn for SAS by Otto Nielsen.

Like many posters, this 1950 SAS poster has been backed on linen. Cleaning, stretching and backing a poster on acid-free paper reinforced with linen will protect it from further damage caused by the elements, gently flattening any fold lines and providing strength to the paper ready for permanent display and framing (thinner paper was often used for printing as the posters were only meant for temporary display). This process, when done professionally, is fully reversible.


   Original vintage advertising poster for Bovril. Printed in Britain in the 1930s, this series of posters resemble the public announcement/propaganda posters of the time.


   A classic and impressively large James Bond poster for From Russia With Love, this one was designed by Grinnson for the later French release.


   Original vintage propaganda poster from the USSR: “Long live our own undefeatable Red Army a strong guarantee of peaceful labour of the people of the USSR and a devoted defender of the achievements of the October Revolution”. Designed by S. Malt in 1937 and printed in Uzbekistan to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution (1917-1937). Interestingly there is a mistake in the design of the hammer and sickle with the hammer pointing downwards instead of upwards.


   Original vintage Russian circus poster advertising a tour of the Paris Circus in Moscow at the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard from 1st January 1959, designed by N. Akimov. The print run is marked as 5,000.

The print run gives us a good indication of how lucky we are that some posters survived the test of time, considering they were created to be pasted on walls and discarded. Some posters were kept in pristine condition by the printer and some were probably rescued by someone who appreciated the artwork; however they survived, we can now enjoy them today – and some of the rarest posters by the most notable designers are likely to fetch remarkable prices at auction.


   Original vintage advertising poster promoting Navy’s range of ales and stouts. If you recognise the style, that’s because it was designed by Gilroy, the famous designer of Guinness posters (and if you’re looking for a Guinness poster, AntikBar currently has “Opening Time is Guinness Time” listed – simply do a search for this, and any other posters of interest, at AntikBar.co.uk).

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